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About Kelly Barrett

Kelly's weaving of talk therapy techniques and energy healing was inspired by her own healing journey. Kelly came from a home where there was emotional and physical violence, addiction, and mental illness; she was diagnosed with depression as a teenager. Kelly also survived other traumas which led her to turn to alcohol to cope. After 15 years of alcoholism, she realized she had an addiction. She got sober, which gave her the clarity to acknowledge the effects of unresolved trauma. The effects of her trauma manifested as depressive and hypomanic episodes. Not long after getting sober, she was diagnosed with bipolar type II.

Kelly found healing and the path into a life of recovery due to many factors: good therapists, supportive family and friends, time spent in nature, reiki, yoga, and a personal connection to spirit and her inner strength.  

Kelly was drawn to help others find healing through these magickal modalities. She knew that reiki and yoga were so powerful but sometimes it seemed like there was something missing. After experiencing immense energetic shifts due to reiki and yoga, there was not always someone to talk with in those settings, to help verbally process those shifts. And traditional therapists did not seem to understand. Seeing this deficit in the holistic health field made her decide to integrate these modalities so others can experience the magick of reiki, yoga, or shamanism and receive professional therapeutic support at the same time.​

Kelly Barrett acquired her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work, with a specialization in mental health and trauma, at the University of Denver. She has been practicing as a therapist for four years around the Denver area. She has experience working with survivors of trauma and domestic violence, people struggling with addiction, and people with these diagnoses: bipolar, borderline, dissociative identity, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and C-PTSD.


Kelly began energy healing when she did her yoga teacher training, in 2019, in the Rocky Mountains at the Shoshoni Ashram. She continued the path further into energy medicine when she was drawn to begin reiki training in 2020 and shamanic training in 2021.


Kelly is passionate about bringing the power of holistic healing to anyone who is ready to peel back the layers of fog, confusion, and hurt, to find their true inner self & soul purpose.​​

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