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Solluna Offerings

Holistic Psychotherapy

My holistic psychotherapy approach includes methods such as: narrative therapy, trauma therapy, parts-work, dream-work, somatic therapy, nature therapy, and acceptance-and-commitment therapy; combined with holistic, metaphysical modalities such as: tarot/oracle divination, breath-work, shadow-work, guided meditation, reiki, or shamanic healing. Which modalities are used varies depending upon where you are in your healing journey. You will receive a holistic, comprehensive healing experience that is tailored to your therapeutic needs to help you heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. My aim is to help you heal, return to a state of balance, and discover a more purposeful life.

I work with adult individuals. I specialize in trauma, bipolar, depression, borderline, PTSD, C-PTSD, DID, and other dissociative conditions.


Reiki means universal life force energy.

It is a Tibetan-Japanese energy healing modality.

In a reiki session, I call in universal life force energy to bring you healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic/spiritual. My reiki sessions also include individualized crystal healing.

It can cleanse your aura and balance all your chakras; release stuck energy or heavy emotions that are dragging you down.

Come in to simply relax, relieve stress,

and feel more rejuvenated!
Reiki can be done hands-on or hands-off depending on your comfort level. Most people report feeling both lighter and more centered, with an enhanced sense of self, after a reiki session. 

Shamanic Healing

I am an initiate in the Munay-Ki shamanic lineage, which is a Four Winds Tradition combining Peruvian, Native American, and Eastern shamanic practices.

In a shamanic session, we will discuss your healing intentions, and examine your auric energy field and chakra system. We will call in Reiki Energy to assist with your healing. Interventions may vary from clearing, recharging, and balancing; to guided journeys for meeting power animals, resolved ancestral spirits, or spirit guides; to more long-term techniques to shed self-limiting patterns and bring yourself back to a state of balance.  

Solluna Classes & Workshops


Solluna Circle

-Monthly In-Person Moon Circles, aligning with the Full Moon, for Guided Meditations or Shamanic Journeys; Tarot; Discussions on Moon Phases, Vedic Astrology, and Energetic Influences.

Every Last Wednesday 
at Denver Integrated Therapies in Wheat Ridge

All Genders Welcome!

This offering is donation-based; pay what you can.
Drop in any month, but you must reserve your spot in advance!
Donation suggestion: $15 - $55

What you'll Release:
-Junk Energy
-The need for Control & Certainty
-Feeling Alone
-The Illusion of Separateness

What you'll Gain:
-Connection to Self & Others
-A Sense of Community
-Increased Intuition, Mindfulness, Groundedness
-Emotional Regulation & Energy Maintenance


Solluna Reiki Training

In-person at Denver Integrated Therapies in Wheat Ridge.  
This is a trauma-informed training taught by Kelly Barrett, Trauma Therapist (LCSW), Reiki Master, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher, and initiated Munay-Ki Shaman. This training focuses heavily on amplifying your intuitive abilities and learning how to be in relationship with your spirit guides so you may become a bridge to spirit for others. You will also learn chakra wisdom and crystal healing. Take a deep dive into ancient mystical healing modalities to help usher in the new paradigm of the luminous dream.

What you'll learn:

-Trauma-informed Reiki Healing

-Reiki History

-Energy Maintenance

-Chakra Clearing

-Cord Cutting

-Crystal Healing

-How to enhance intuition

-How to meet your Spirit Guides

This training is right for you if:

-You want to deepen your own energy work

-You want to delve into your Inner Worlds

-You feel called to be a healer

-You are drawn to crystal allies

-You are compelled to build connections with your spirit guides

-You are naturally intuitive, empathic, or psychic.

***Reiki Training Graduates get

10% Off All Other Classes/Circles/Workshops (except for Solluna Yoga at Ritual Cravt)


Soul Path Mapping

This is a mystical course to help you uncover your dharma, otherwise known as your soul purpose, the path that was laid out for you in alignment with cosmic law. You will learn how to step into your power and unlock your destiny. 

No one can tell you what your purpose and destiny are; you must realize this for yourself. 

Through a combination of ancient Vedic astrology, tarot numerology, and yogic chakra meditation, this workshop gives you the space to explore your inner self and shine a light on what your soul needs in this life.

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