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Spirit-based therapy
a magickal weaving of psychotherapy,
reiki, yoga, and shamanic healing

LCSW, RYT, TSYT, Munay-Ki Shaman, Reiki Master

Solluna Healing

with Kelly Barrett


About My Therapeutic Approach

I believe that you are so much more than a pathologizing diagnosis or societal label that gets placed upon you.


I practice evidence based and spiritual therapy, specializing in trauma healing. I integrate talk therapy with holistic, metaphysical modalities such as reiki energy healing, Vedic astrology, tarot divination, shamanic healing, and yoga (which includes mindfulness, movement, breathwork, and meditation).

I also offer yoga classes and wilderness therapy workshops.

I invite you to explore what you find 

magickal and wondrous in your life

while learning how to heal yourself.

Although Each person's healing journey is unique, I aim to help you heal from emotional wounds, come back to a state of balance, discover meaning in your journey, and step into a more peaceful, soul-driven, and heart-centered life.

My approach would be a good fit for you if you are tired of merely covering up the symptoms and you're looking for deeper healing of the root issues on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic/spiritual.



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Traditional Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Tarot or Oracle Readings

Traditional talk therapy to help you process and release the effects of trauma. I utilize various techniques including: acceptance & commitment therapy; narrative therapy; somatic; wilderness therapy; parts work; dream work; schema therapy; and mindfulness.

If you are unsure whether you want to begin therapy but are experiencing mental health symptoms, you can contact me for a diagnostic assessment; there is no requirement that you enroll in therapy to have an assessment.

I practice Usui Tibetan Reiki Ryoho, which is a Tibetan-Japanese energy healing modality. Reiki literally means universal life force energy. During a reiki session, I call in universal life force energy to send healing to the client on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Reiki gives you time for introspection. It helps clear out difficult emotions, stuck energy, and blocked chakras. It can also help you feel more protected energetically, ready to stand firm with healthy boundaries. Most clients report feeling more relaxed, grounded, centered, or lighter after a reiki session. 

I practice divination in the form of tarot and oracle readings. Tarot and oracle are centuries-old methods of connecting to spirit, guides, and intuition to discover insight and receive messages that can help you along your journey. Some readers tell you what your future holds. Alternatively, I show you what energies will be present and help you feel empowered to make choices and take action, to step into your power and co-create your destiny. Your future is unwritten; it depends on your will. Tarot is a tool for you to connect to your own intuition and find clarity, for you to align with your heart-centered desires and deepest soul-driven purpose.


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Wilderness Therapy

Shamanic Healing

Monthly Full Moon
Yoga & Chakra Meditation

I offer wilderness therapy workshops seasonally, where you can explore any struggles in a group setting, surrounded by nature. The workshops include time for solo and group work, easy hiking, meditation, and perhaps some yoga or reiki among other group activities.


Wilderness therapy can also be done in an individual session. We are fortunate to have trails next to our office building. An individual wilderness session could be a ritual for letting go or focusing on new energy that you want to bring in. It could include working with the creek, burying a letter, creating an earth mandala, taking a meditative walk, walking with your inner-child, or many other various techniques. Healing in nature allows you to be connected to yourself and to something bigger: Mother Earth.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice and lifestyle that has existed for thousands of years and has manifested in countless forms all around the globe. I am initiated in the lineage of Munay-Ki, which is a Four Winds Tradition, a combination of Peruvian and Native American practices. A shamanic healing session could include an examination and clearing of your auric field and chakra system, balancing your energy, removing psychic imprints, guided journeys to meet a power animal or spirit guide, or more long-term healing techniques to help you shed the past and unhelpful patterns. Ultimately, the goal is to return to state of balance so that illness no longer aligns with your state of being.

Once per month, around the full moon, I teach a yoga class at Ritual Cravt where we practice breathwork, gentle yoga movements, and it always ends with a long, meditative chakra visualization. This class allows you to intentionally connect with your inner self and Divine Feminine, for the purpose of releasing energetic blockages and bringing in healing. Occasionally, we have live sound healing accompaniment.

Spots are limited. Visit Ritual Cravt's website & calendar to get your ticket: 

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