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Olfactere de Fae [pronounced FAY] means "the scent of the faeries." 

These are sacred sprays that you can use to bless & freshen yourself or any space. You can use these sprays to open and close sacred space for ceremony and rituals. Additionally, you can use sacred sprays to energetically detoxify a space by setting the intention to send any un-needed energy back to earth while you spray. Each spray is hand-blended with a unique mixture of essential oils. 


Choose the Fae Spray that you resonate with the most & connect to the magick of the Faeries! 


Brigid's Bliss is a lux, floral spray that envokes the vibe of a beautiful, lush garden, surrounded by colorful wildflowers, in the company of Brigid. She's the goddess of springtime, healing, renewal, growth, fiery inspiration, and new beginnings. She is celebrated during Imbolc, a time to plant our metaphoric seeds for the year ahead to watch our dreams come to life. Use Brigid's Bliss to indulge your dreams and infuse them with vitality!

Olfactere de Fae Spray - Brigid

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